Turners Hill CE Primary School

Totally Clued Up

South/ Central

40 Pupils Involved
  • Highly Commended 2017

"HOGARAMA" - Helping Hedgehogs on "The Hill"

The children of Turner’s Hill CE Primary School made a documentary about the plight of the hedgehog in England and how they could encourage them to re-inhabit the Turners Hill area of West Sussex, as they felt this was a perfect environment for hedgehogs to thrive in.  It is great to see how the children have become hedgehog experts and have spread their message of caring for hedgehogs to the entire school community and beyond.  This excellent project included fact files, questionnaires and the creation of ‘hobgitats’ for the hedgehogs to live in.  The children also produced a video which brought everything to life and showed the breadth of their study.  It is very impressive that they didn’t just learn about hedgehogs, but turned their learning into practical action and there is no doubt they will make a difference to the hedgehog population around Turner’s Hill.