Pilling St John's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

Totally Creative


90 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Champion 2017

The Whatifs

Pilling St John's project started, unusually, with a donation of hundreds of plastic cotton reel spools.  Using the children’s recycling and craft skills, these cotton reel inners became the ‘the Whatifs’ - aliens who had come to visit Earth after meeting Tim Peake on the International Space Station.  The Whatifs were concerned about the way humans were treating planet Earth, and came up with lots of suggestions for how we could do more to protect it.  The 'Whatif' concept was a brilliant idea which inspired a wide range of environmental studies and activities across the school.  The children researched and then acted upon a range of key environmental issues.  Where possible, parents, grandparents and the wider community were involved and a clear message that many people making small changes adds up to big change has been disseminated across a wide area.