2018 UK Champion

UK Champion 2018 - Hanover Street School

Hanover Street School - Scotland

Scotland - Totally Clued Up

The children of Hanover Street School, who were aged 6-11 when they did their project, learned about a wide range of environmental issues including single use plastics and the problems posed by discarded chewing gum on the streets of Aberdeen.  They thought that if they could make their Eco Pigs ...

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Winners By Region


North Regional Winner - 2018 - Ryhall C E Academy

Ryhall C E Academy - Lincolnshire

From Land to Sea: Animals and Our Environment/ Precious Rainforests

North - Totally Scientific
North Regional Winner - 2018 - Scartho Junior Academy

Scartho Junior Academy - South humberside

Why Waste?

North - Totally Clued Up


Scotland Regional Winner - 2018 - St Bride's Primary School

St Bride's Primary School - South Lanarkshire


Scotland - Totally Creative

Lochdonhead Primary School - Isle of Mull

Lochdon Swan Nature Trail

Scotland - Totally Active
Scotland Regional Winner - 2018 - Kingcase Primary School

Kingcase Primary School - South Ayrshire

Marine Champions

Scotland - Totally Scientific

South/ Central

Mersea Island School - Essex

High Tide, Low Tide, Clean Tide

South/ Central - Totally Creative

Argyle Primary School - London

Eden Eco Warriors

South/ Central - Totally Active
South/ Central Regional Winner - 2018 - Wicor County Primary School

Wicor County Primary School - Hampshire

#turnthetide #raise the bar

South/ Central - Totally Clued Up

Wales & West

Clayesmore Preparatory School - Dorset

Time's Up for SUP!

Wales & West - Totally Clued Up
Wales & West Regional Winner - 2018 - Damers First School

Damers First School - Dorset

Entrepreneur Business: Spick n Span Multi Purpose Cleaning Product/ Making Our School and The Community Plastic Free

Wales & West - Totally Active

Highly Commended

Leys Farm Junior School - South humberside

Our School Garden

North - Totally Active
Scotland Highly Commended - 2018 - Shawhead School

Shawhead School - Dumfriesshire

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

Scotland - Totally Active
Wales & West Highly Commended - 2018 - Bredon Hill Academy

Bredon Hill Academy - Worcestershire

Bredon Hill Academy Newt Rescue Project

Wales & West - Totally Scientific

Sandown School - Kent

The Green Zone at Sandown

South/ Central - Totally Active
Scotland Highly Commended - 2018 - Drummore School

Drummore School - Wigtownshire

Energy and Electricity

Scotland - Totally Scientific

Wisborough Green Primary School - West sussex

The Development of the Forest School Area of Wisborough Green Primary School

South/ Central - Totally Active

Deer Park Primary School - Derbyshire

Deer Park Goes Green

North - Totally Active

Holy Trinity Catholic School - Nottinghamshire

Ecoland - Our Classroom Without Walls.

North - Totally Active
South/ Central Highly Commended - 2018 - St Mary's Primary School

St Mary's Primary School - West sussex

Upcycled Garden Ornaments/ Easter Gardens/ Boggat Houses/ Importance of Trees

South/ Central - Totally Creative
South/ Central Highly Commended - 2018 - Loddon Primary School

Loddon Primary School - Berkshire

Keeping Nature Natural

South/ Central - Totally Active
Scotland Highly Commended - 2018 - Highpark Language Communication Resource

Highpark Language Communication Resource -

Plastic - Not So Fantastic

Scotland - Totally Clued Up

Turners Hill CE Primary School - West Sussex

From Our Village Field to The Amazon Rainforest - How Do They Compare?

South/ Central - Totally Clued Up

Georgeham Church of England Primary School - Devon

Going Plastic Free

Wales & West - Totally Clued Up
North Highly Commended - 2018 - Weeton primary school

Weeton primary school - Lancs

From A Seed So Small To Dinner For Us All!

North - Totally Active

Pentre'r Graig Primary School - West glamorgan

Our Garden

Wales & West - Totally Active

Warren Road Primary School - Kent

Warren Road - Whole School Sustainability

South/ Central - Totally Active

Blaengarw Primary School -

Community Environmental Engineers

Wales & West - Totally Active

Central Primary School - Hertfordshire

Central's Sensory Garden

South/ Central - Totally Creative

Welbourne Primary School - London

War on Food Waste!

South/ Central - Totally Active

The Marton Academy - Lincolnshire

Spreading Our Wings

North - Totally Active

Sketty Primary - West Glamorgan

Eco Warriors In Action!

Wales & West - Totally Active
North Highly Commended - 2018 - St Anselm's School

St Anselm's School - Derbyshire

Save Our Oceans/ Garden Furniture to Education

North - Totally Creative

Manifold Church of England Primary School - Derbyshire

Our Fantastic Outside

North - Totally Active

Special Awards

South/ Central Special Award - 2018 - James Allens Preparatory School

James Allens Preparatory School -

A Creative Design and Technology Project.

South/ Central - Totally Scientific