Banchory Primary School Nursery

Totally Clued Up


23 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2008
  • UK Champion 2008
  • Regional Champion 2008

Bags in Banchory

The children of Banchory Primary School focussed on plastic bags in a big way.  After all, we use over 13 billion of them in the UK each year!  They visited a local supermarket and counted how many carrier bags were used by shoppers in a single hour.  From this, they calculated how many bags would be used in a year – and from that one shop alone, over one million bags would walk out the doors!  They then designed and produced their own reusable bags that they sold to the people of Banchory.  The bags proved so popular that they sold their first batch of 500 within a couple of days, and are now waiting for new stock.  Their work has really had an impact on their community, showing that young people really do have the power to make a difference!