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1940s and Today

Pupils at Turners Hill found out about what their village was like in 1940 with the help of Mr Milham, a former gamekeeper aged 80, who has lived in Turners Hill for most of his life.  They interviewed him and found out that in the 1940s, there were still glow worms and nightjars in the countryside and that there were many fewer houses.  Each week, two children went with him to learn about the local wildlife.  The children did paintings of the village now and then, from photographs taken in the 1940s, and some wrote stories imagining a trip back in time.  Finally, they carried out a shopping survey, to find out how many miles food at the local shop had travelled.  More than 50% of it was from the UK, but a packet of prawns had travelled 6,300 miles.  This was an excellent way for young people to gain an understanding not only of history, but of their heritage.