Pilling St John's CE Primary School and Nursery

Totally Clued Up


20 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2009
  • Regional Champion 2009

Carry the Message

In yet another beautiful entry from former Total Green School Awards national champions, the children of Piling St John’s School, they formed a new company – the Recycle Rangers – issuing shares to each member of the group at 10p each. With this start, they set about collecting things to recycle, including old jumpers, Christmas cards etc. They decorated old boxes with cuttings from Christmas cards, used old envelopes for Christmas decorations, made recycled paper, pin cushions from old jumpers and plant labels from plastic ice cream tubs. One of the dads made candle holders from recycled wood. The Rangers made a travelling shop, which the children took turns to take home to sell goods to their parents.

From their initial £3.60, they generated a profit of £82.50, teaching many a startup a thing or two about profitability! They also used Wombles to teach younger children about recycling and getting rid of litter, hosted an Eco-Summit for other schools and did a project on Antarctica. An amazingly diverse and successful set of environmental education initiatives!