Hanover Street School

Totally Active


28 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2012

Recycle To Make Cash For Green Grass

Class 3 of Hanover Street Primary School wanted to green their school and found that the best thing to do was lay grass in their muddy playground!  Being next to a very busy roundabout the children learnt about pollution and its effects on people such as asthma.  To help clean the air and provide them with a better place to play the children brainstormed ideas to raise money for grass.

By appealing to parents and the community and drawing posters to the rest of the school the class made over £600.00 all from recycled materials!  They used sewing machines to make bags out of old clothes, old materials to make jewellery and old buttons to make earrings!  In total they made 75 bags.  In the process they learnt a lot about recycling and the damage that plastic bags do to the environment, and they also used how to count and recognise money, give change and talk to customers.