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  • Regional Winner 2013

Milk Bottle Igloo

The year 3 children’s topic on ‘The Frozen Planet’ was the inspiration for their igloo, which was made entirely from recycled plastic milk bottles!.  They thought that it would be a great addition to their role play area and decided that they could recycle plastic milk bottles to create the structure of the igloo.  The children were involved throughout the construction process and delivered an assembly to the whole school, appealing for milk bottles, as they had worked out they would need around 600 bottled to complete the project!

YPTE Director, Peter Littlewood, says: “What a great idea  this was.  It really showed children across the whole school how our rubbish can be turned into something useful, with a bit of creative thinking!  The children created a lovely place to learn and play at zero cost, except for a bit of effort and everyone got involved in providing the building materials.”