Newton Primary School

Totally Active


400 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2014
  • Regional Champion 2014

Making the Earth Happy

The whole school were all involved in their entry, which centred around “Making the Earth Happy Day”, a day for all kinds of fun activities with an environmental message.  A huge amount of work was included, with visits to local bird reserves, woodlands, a range of environmental art projects, tree planting, gardening, making bird boxes and research on rainforests and Fair Trade.

Teacher Debbie Lee said ” I can honestly say that, had it not been for the Total Green Awards, we would never have done our bit to Make the Earth Happy! Seeing all the fantastic work done by previous winners was truly inspirational and really demonstrated how powerful a topic can be when it is fully immersed within a whole school curriculum.Both staff and children particularly loved the approach of the school who knitted their own coral reef and we wanted to develop their very positive attitude by focusing on how we could help to improve environments both at a local, national and global level. We are still on our environmental journey and being Regional Champions of the Total Green Awards is going to play an invaluable role in helping us to do our very best to help nature.”

YPTE Director, Peter Littlewood, said: “We thought the way that the whole school had worked together to learn more about taking care of the environment was excellent.  Making the Earth Happy Day was a brilliant idea and it looked like a lot of fun, but it also carried a very serious message for everyone who was there, whether they were children, teachers or parents. There is no doubt that everyone at the school has taken an active part in taking care of our planet!”