Hanover Street School

Totally Creative


24 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Winner 2015
  • Regional Champion 2015


The children were all five years old when they worked on their project – a video called ‘Doomed?’. The film starts in the future, with the air outdoors was too polluted to breathe without oxygen tanks and the children (dressed as themselves in 70 years time) go on a visit to  a museum.  There they discover a time machine and travel back to 2015.  Once back in the present day as their five year old selves, they set about finding ways to reduce their impact on the environment and taking action to ensure that they are not ‘doomed’ to a dangerously polluted future!

Elizabeth Elrick, teacher at Hanover Street School, said: “We had lots of fun making the film and the children learned so much.  They were really keen to get involved and they loved the chance to take on acting roles.  It was hilarious seeing them in grey-haired wigs!”

YPTE Director, Peter Littlewood, said: “This was another brilliant video project from Hanover Street.  The idea of the children working together now to prevent a bleak future was a very clever one and it’s obvious that they have learned a great deal from taking part in the film.”