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45 Pupils Involved
  • Highly Commended 2017

Aquaponics - How Can We Grow Plants More Sustainably?

The children of St Anselm’s School have been studying their local environment and how it can be made more sustainable.  As part of this, they thought about more sustainable ways of growing crops and decided to make their own aquaponics system.  They designed and built the system and put it together themselves and then also created a hydroponics system, so that they could compare the growth of plants in the two systems.  This project inspired some great cross-curricular learning and was linked to the children’s work in Science, Literacy and Maths.  They also plan to use the plants they have grown to make a healthy salad for a special lunch.  This was a highly original and interesting project which enabled the children to carry out a thorough scientific investigation and have fantastic hands-on involvement in the project.