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  • Regional Winner 2017

Hope Springs

English Martyrs’ Catholic Voluntary Academy are involved in a very exciting project in a region of North Ghana called Bunkpurugu.  The children, families, staff and community  of the school have worked very hard to raise funds to help build a school there, giving the young people of Bunkpurugu a better future.  This year they have funded a fresh water borehole, pump and water tanks for their Ghanian school friends.  Their project entry includes a fantastic video showing the new borehole and the children of Bunkpurugu thanking them for their help - what a fantastic achievement!

To celebrate the new borehole in Ghana, the children at English Martyrs’ Catholic Voluntary Academy have been busy learning all about water use and conservation, rainfall, weather patterns and drought - both in Ghana and in the UK.  Their cross-curricular work on water is most impressive and includes letters to politicians about climate change, creative writing on baobab trees and work on rainfall comparisons and the water cycle.  But even more fantastic - they have drilled their own fresh water borehole and water pump in the school field!  The water is now used for plants, to maintain birdbaths and provide drinking water for wildlife.  It has even been decorated with a “Derbyshire Well Dressing’ style mosaic, made out of recycled plastic bottle tops!