Wicor County Primary School

Totally Clued Up

South/ Central

440 Pupils Involved
  • UK Champion 2017
  • Regional Champion 2017

Keeping the Buzz at Wicor

Wicor Primary School set out to protect bees in their school, by setting up some hives and involving all of the children in caring for them. The level of knowledge shown by the children was fantastic and they'd evidently greatly enjoyed their learning about bees.  The project not only included all the children, but also their parents and the local community.   The children have communicated a really strong message about why bees are so important and need our help.   The school has even become involved in fostering the endangered Red Mason bee and have exciting ambitions to have a web cam and remote hive monitoring.  This amazing project is obviously going to be sustained long into the future, ensuring that more and more children and their families will learn about looking after bees.