St Peter's Cross Keys CofE Academy

Totally Creative


27 Pupils Involved
  • Highly Commended 2017

St Peter's Cross Key's Creative Projects

The children of St Peter’s Cross Keys C of E Academy have been very busy this year working on a range of fantastic creative projects with an environmental theme.  It was great to see how everyone at the school became involved in collecting plastic bottles to build the school’s own recycled greenhouse. This is a fantastic asset for the school, where children will now be able to grow their own fruit and vegetables.  The children created their own shoe box habitats which have made a wonderful addition to the school entrance, catching the eye of every visitor and at the same time passing on the message of caring for the environment.  The school also held a mini-beast party day, encouraging the children to learn about a particular mini-beast.   It's clear that the children of St Peter’s Cross Keys C of E Academy have had great fun working on these creative projects and learning about the environment.