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Culter School Gardening: Veggies R Us!

The children of Culter School are always looking for imaginative ways to reduce their carbon footprint by reusing and recycling. Having achieved two Green flags, the school is very proud of its status and wants to explore new ways of promoting bio-diversity. The Eco Pupil Voice Group reused and recycled discarded polystyrene packaging from a washing machine to create ‘pots’ to grow potatoes

Pupils planned and designed the reusing of the materials using problem-solving skills and critical thinking. They worked collaboratively to explore space and time required. They created, tried and tested the packaging in different ways before agreeing on a design and then creating pots. Pupils learned how to prepare an area for growing and researched the requirements for growing potatoes and when to harvest them.


Pupils met with canteen staff to negotiate the cooking of the potatoes and of how to share how they were grown with other pupils. They discussed what fruits and vegetables could be grown in the garden for future use in the canteen.

Having sold the fruit and vegetables they grew to parents at an end of year sale, the children's enthusiasm had continued to grow, and they love working in their allotment!