Corrie Primary and Nursery School

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350 Pupils Involved
  • Runner Up 2019

'Lose the Waste' Plastic Fashion Event

Children and staff wanted to create an event designed to show their concern about the amount of plastic waste within their community and demonstrate their creative talents.  The river that runs next to the school was featured on the local news as it has some of the worst micro-plastic pollution in the country.  As a result, the children wanted to take action and teach their community how to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic.  
The pupils decided to use up discarded plastic bags to create unique outfits by weaving strips and creating clothing for a whole school 'Lose the Waste' fashion show. 
In addition, children from across the whole school demonstrated their learning through a performance incorporating story writing, dance performances, singing and readings from the children.  Parents made over 200 reusable tote bags from scrap material using donated sewing machines for us and they were all sold within a day!   The children also made a variety of items at home using recycled products.  Since the event children have demonstrated a greater awareness and concern for the environment.