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  • Highly Commended 2019

Drowning in Plastic

After seeing a whale made out of plastic in Cardiff museum, during the autumn term, the children decided that they would like to find out more about plastic pollution and what they could do to help.  Pupils asked if they could go to an aquarium to learn about sea creatures so the topic started with a visit to Bristol Aquarium in January.  There was information in the aquarium about plastic pollution and its impact on sea creatures, which grabbed the children’s interest.  In discussions, the day after the visit, children said that it was a pity that everyone in the school could not go to the aquarium to learn about the impact of plastic on the sea.  As a result of this comment, the class decided to make its own aquarium and promote it as an educational visitor centre - using it to invite other classes and parents to teach them about plastic pollution and what they can all do about it.

Visitors to the virtual aquarium heard a talk about how plastic affects sea creatures, watched video clips of actual harm to sea creatures ( children researched and choose relevant clips to show), a gyre demonstration to show how islands of rubbish are formed, examples of what everyone can do to help stop plastic pollution, eg, stopping single use plastic, recycling plastic, etc, practical task of making a jelly fish from plastic and showing how plastic can be recycled to make games or skipping ropes.  

Some really excellent ideas and great work!