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  • Highly Commended 2019


In September 2018 the children had to write a letter stating their reasons for wanting to become an Eco-Warrior on the school's new Eco Committe. There was a huge response from the children with many reasons for participating from wanting to help animals to a passion for recycling.
The Eco Warriors' first task was to choose a focus for the year and the children decided to look at litter and recycling. thanks to the Eco Warriors, there is now a recycling centre in every class and office space and the Eco-Warriors are responsible for collecting and safely disposing of the recycling twice a week.
As well as this, the Eco-Warriors took part in a litter pick in the school grounds and surrounding area and collected six big bin bags of rubbish!   Eco-Warriors have also e planted 95 new trees in the school's outdoor area.  The Eco-Warriors also give teachers gentle reminders to turn lights off when leaving the classroom with the aim of saving as much energy as possible.