St Mary's Church of England Academy

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7 Pupils Involved
  • Highly Commended 2019

Drowning in Plastic

Children of St Mary's Academy took the theme of 'stewardship of creation' to inspire artwork about our world. The children focused on the presence of plastic in our world, and how this impacts society, deciding upon the theme "How is plastic damaging our world?"
The children created a free-standing image of their perception of a section of ocean which had been polluted by plastic.  The effect on animals in particular, and the bleaching of coral was an aspect of the project the children were keen to convey to their audience, and so they concentrated on colour contrasts to do this. 
To convey their message, they decided to create a multitude of 'messages in a bottle' so the audience could delve into the project and interact with it. 
The project was taken to St Edmondsbury cathedral where thousands of people could view it - and feedback received from members of the public was very positive!