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No Electricity Days

Each term at South Molton Infant School the children take part in a day of learning at school with NO electricity! There are no lights, no computers, no printers, no white boards!!!!   During these sessions, the children learn what uses electricity and they think about some ways in which we can all use less. Children encourage their families and parents to follow suit with no electricity at home in the mornings before coming to school for a day of non electrical education. Children use their non electricity time to team build, explore their learning environments, think about other environmental issues and projects, like litter picking, collecting the recycling from around the school, making animal habitats in the school grounds, den building and gardening/planting.  The ‘No Electricity’ days have had a big impact on how the children think about and use electricity, with children often asking in assembly; “Do we need all the lights on in the hall?”

The children produce posters to promote saving electricity and the school council and Green Team are actively involved with new ideas and thoughts in relation to electricity and environmental issues both in the school and at home.