Parkhill Junior School

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32 Pupils Involved
  • Runner Up 2019

Airaction - How Clean is Your Air?

The children of Parkhill Junior School were involved in a campaign to increase the local community's knowledge about air pollution.   They looked at the causes of air pollution, how it can be monitored, its effects on people, how to reduce it and ways to avoid polluted areas.  They carried out a series of science experiments using diffusion tubes, swipe tests and lichen survey to see what the pollution level was in different parts of the local area. The children then went on to look at ways of reducing their exposure to air pollution by encouraging 'ride and stride' and produced 5 and 10 minute walking maps. 
Once they had completed their work, to spread the word, they held an assembly for parents and the rest of the school and took leaflets home with them and talked to parents about their findings.