Fourlanesend Community Primary School

Totally Clued Up

Wales & West

106 Pupils Involved
  • Regional Champion 2019

Single Use Plastic Red Noses

The children of Fourlanesend Primary School, who were aged 5-11 when they undertook their project, were extremely concerned about the problem of plastic pollution and in particular single-use plastics.  They thought about the Red Noses that are sold to raise money for Comic Relief and worried that many would end up being thrown away after being used on Red Nose Day.

So they decided to make their own red noses using recycled and biodegradable materials.  They each paid £1.25 - the cost of an official Red Nose - to wear their red noses on Red Nose Day at school.  But whereas only 65p of the money spent on official Red Noses is donated to Comic Relief, each child’s entire donation of £1.25 was sent to Comic Relief.

YPTE Director, Peter Littlewood, said: “The children of Fourlanesend Primary School have done something really special here.  They have identified a problem and come up with a solution that delivers a better result for the planet and for charitable causes too.”