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  • Highly Commended 2019

Reception Against the World!

Reception children at Moorfield school became deeply concerned about the environment  and were disgusted at how some people treat it. They looked into ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, leading by example to encourage others to follow suit. These five year olds thought the internet was the best way to spread the word, and through the medium of song, rewrote the lyrics to their favourite song (Baby Shark), to encourage listeners to learn to save the world. 
The children visited a local paper factory to look at ways that businesses are working at reducing waste and recycling, and decided to make their own paper from recycled paper around school.
The youngest children in the school have definitely made an impact, spreading the word to the rest of school and beyond, showing that in order to make big differences, you need to look at the small things that can be done and encourage others to do the same!