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Millfields Eco Champs

The Eco Champs are made up of one child from every class at Millfields Community School.  The 21 champs from year 1-6 and the school's Environment minister from the School Government have led their project with passion and dedication.  The children have been determined to ensure that we limit the long term effects of climate change by making immediate changes to their lives, their families and our schools.
'Plastic Police' were created and an investigation into the use of single use plastic began in the school kitchen and staff room.  Single use plastic has been banned in  school packed lunches and in the school kitchen. All the children now use reusable bottles and there is even a reusable Millfields coffee cup on sale.
The children went around local shops investigating how they promoted sustainable products, reduced their waste and encouraged using sustainable products. They left ideas to support the local businesses, like using sustainable bamboo cutlery and paper straws instead of plastic and to give discounts or sell re-usable cups (one shop is now selling Millfields' own logoed bamboo coffee cups). The businesses were left with a Sustainability Eco Rating (very like the food standards agency). The children felt that they would be positive and only hand out 5 stars to the shops they felt deserved it and go back next year to give other certificates when they saw improvements. 
They also wrote to the Mayor of Hackney who was so impressed by their work he invited children from the school to visit him as well as coming to see the work in the school.We were really impressed by the Eco Champs' determination and ambition and we hope to see more from them next year!