Drumbowie Primary School

Totally Scientific


8 Pupils Involved
  • Highly Commended 2017

Wall-E and the Waste Warriors

Inspired by the Pixar movie WALL-E, where a small waste disposal robot is abandoned on Earth and left to clean up the mess left by wasteful humans, the children of Drumbowie Primary School embarked on a project about taking care of our planet.  They were particularly interested in the one surviving seedling left, which WALL-E saves and looks after.  Inspired by this, they learned about the parts of a plant, investigated what plants need to survive and then grew their own plants.  They were able to harvest their own potatoes and sell them to family and friends, so they could reinvest in their garden.  The children also studied the impact of litter and the harm it can do to the environment.  They took part in litter picking in the school grounds and local area and sorted it into the correct recycling bins.  WALL-E would be very proud of the fantastic work the children of Drumbowie Primary School are doing to look after their environment!